Since 1995, GMS has provided comprehensive technical input and advice to a large number of international mining companies, resource banks, and financing syndicates on projects worldwide.

Although our work has involved the progression from the conceptual design to the definitive feasability phase, a major part of our experience has related to project implementation, particularly in developing countries. Our work has involved "on-the-ground" project management and mining systems implementation, providing complete project delivery.

GMS has been pivotal in the implementation of new projects, managing contractors and owner-operator teams, and the refurbishment and upgrading of existing or mothballed operations. This involvement has extended to both infrastructure improvements and the implementation of management and operating systems, from completion tests to project upgrades and turnarounds.

As a specialised group, GMS has a proud track record of successful operations in remote regions and developing countries, where GMS has integrated the use of national contractors and employees, through training and supervision, to achieve production outputs that meet international standards.